Clearly show how your product / service solves your customers' problems and fill their needs.

On first visit, users want to know who you are, what solution you're offering and how you're different than your competitors.

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Let's start by understanding the users' main need.

Why does the user even click on the website? What info they're looking for? What need they're trying to fulfill?

This is the main value of your offer, something to keep in mind when designing your website.

Persona + User Story

Going further by including the customer's goals, frustrations, expectations and specific attributes while creating the personas and the user stories.

This step helps having a clear view on the customers pain point, their goals and what problems they want to solve.

What makes you unique ?

When making a buying decision, the users will make a weighed choice between you and your competitors. Your website needs to clear show your unique attributes and differences.

Analysing your business upfront allows you to showcase how you're different and target your ideal customers.

What the user already know about your business?

Defining a clear user journey makes your website truly effective by showing the right information at the right time.

Are they coming from an ads (cold traffic) or do they have already interacted with your brand before ? (warm traffic).

What’s next ?

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