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Bonjour is an eFounders startup founded in 2019. The goal is to create a better online sales experience through a videoconferencing platform designed for sales professionals with built-in sales intelligence.


Problems that needed to be solved

Landing pages needed for automated outbound campaigns.

The current site contained only a homepage and no landings for specific personas.

Less frictions for the sign up process.

At first, no sign up process existed, the idea is to start the transition to a fully self-served SaaS.

Focus on the next step with inbound not techncical stuff.

The blog was originally hosted on a different server. Migration was needed to unified so that the team can focus on their inbound strategy.

Coming Soon -> Gallery -> Gallery -> Gallery -> Gallery -> Gallery
Coming Soon

Designing landing pages made for conversion and outbound campaigns. has two main personas :

  • Head of sales
  • Account Executives

For each of them a landing page has been designed to optmized signups. -> Landing Pages -> Landing Pages -> Landing Pages -> Landing Pages -> Landing Pages
Coming Soon -> Click&Connect -> Click&Connect -> Click&Connect -> Click&Connect -> Click&Connect
Coming Soon

Removing low-value tasks for the team by making an easier signups process.

Bonjour is for now, only available for Mac. Before, the team needed to manually qualify leads. Now, it’s automatically done, so that they can focus on closing. -> Signup -> Signup -> Signup -> Signup -> Signup
Coming Soon

Unified the blog to move on an inbound strategy.

Bonjour Team also want to combine an inbound strategy to get new customers in. By migrating the blog on Webflow, they can focus on creating content (articles, podcasts, etc.). -> Blog -> Blog -> Blog -> Blog -> Blog
Coming Soon

A new homepage to showcase the platform competitive edges

The real difficulties here was to combine the benefits of Bonjour for an Account Executive and for the head of sales while still being relevant for both of them. -> Homepage -> Homepage -> Homepage -> Homepage -> Homepage

What I Did

Design & Develop a startup site optimized for convertion and with a blog content strategy.

First lead 2h after launch

The first sign-up happend 2h after the launch of an outbound campaign.

Benjamin has been totally awesome with our Webflow mission. Benjamin is super-fast, always available, and responsive. We would highly recommend him for Webflow integration and UI webflow design. We will hire him again for other missions for sure.
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